Customer Testimonials

We encourage our customers to give us feedback, although we have taken it one step further.  With the introduction of our ‘Customer Relationship Management Programme’  we constantly strive to understand better our client needs and to create, maintain and enhance the relationship between us. Our commitment to our customers has been our No.1 objective since we were established in 1985.   Here are a few of our customer’s comments:

"The list sounds great. I will be looking forward to the shipment information. I just want to say that I have really enjoyed doing business with your company. You are very proactive and always on top of the situation. Your communication and understanding of the situation has been outstanding. It is good to know that there are still companies out there that back up there product and services. Thank you again.”

 “The quality of service is a mark of the professionalism at CDS Consultants”

“CDS has been my supplier for abrasives and have never let us down”

“The staff at CDS have always responded very quickly to enquires and orders we have placed”

“We would not go anywhere else for construction machinery, they are simply the best”